The Future is Bright!

As the time comes for this season to slow down, you may think it is too early to be talking about what’s in store for next year’s wrestling gear. Worldwide Sport Supply says that it’s never too early! Especially when you have such great Asics wrestling shoes coming your way! Here’s what to expect in terms of wrestling shoes for next season.

First up, we have the Matflex wrestling shoes. Now entering its fourth season, this shoe is best known for its professional quality at an entry level price. A great choice for wrestlers of all ages, the Matflex 4 is now featured in solid black. There is also the Matflex kids wrestling shoes; the Matflex 4 GS Youth wrestling shoes, which features Velcro instead of laces.



Next we have the 2013 Asics Aggressor wrestling shoes. After its successful debut season, the Asics Aggressors are back and now available in a multitude of colors, including three limited editions styles! Although new, the Aggressor wrestling shoe quickly showed its staying power when it became one of the most sought after shoes of last season. The new Asics Aggressor wrestling shoes are known for their DuoSole Outsole, which provides unmatched traction from any position. Definitely a favorite among wrestlers!





Last but not least, we have the Dan Gable Ultimate 3. Back in July for its 3rd season, this shoe weighs in at 6.2 ounces, making them the lightest Dan Gable wrestling shoes yet! In this design, we have enhanced medial arch support which provides increased flexibility and lift around the foot. Plus you can’t forget the awesome new colors, making the Dan Gable Ultimate a no brainer for your wrestling shoe purchase.


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  • Cy Lucas says:

    I’m a little surprised that you don’t have an all white shoe like Dan wore in the Olympics (although he did wear the older Asics shoe with 4 black stripes in college). Not sure what brand shoe he was wearing in the Olympics, but I used to have a pair of Onitsuka Tigers that were all white leather shoes. They were extremely comfortable. (back in 1966 when I was in college)

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